“I Didn’t Think It Would Happen!”

“I didn’t think it would happen!” “I knew it was coming but thought it would not be this bad!”

That’s what I’ve been hearing all weekend long with Hurricane Irma. As a matter of fact, it’s the same thing I heard with Hurricane Harvey. Why do we do that?

Let’s rewind for a bit before I get into the here and now. We knew Harvey was going to make landfall how long before it did? Same thing with Irma. We knew without a shadow of a doubt that just about all of Florida would be devastated with Irma. It really didn’t matter if she shifted left or right, Florida was going to get the brunt of the storm. Granted had she shifted more right the GA coast and Carlonias would have gotten the eye of the storm. Same thing with Harvey. In both cases we KNEW they were coming, we knew the chances of it hitting central Georgia. We knew these things. I totally agree that sometimes the news and weather may exaggerate a few things, but your life is more important than anything. To be honest, if that’s what it takes to get you moving, then, great job!

I’m going to talk more about Irma than Harvey, only because it impacted where I am currently. Not to take away from those that were affected by Harvey. We knew almost two weeks ago where Irma was going to go. We were warned about how strong she is. We were warned this storm is worse than the previous ones like Hurricane Andrew in 1992. As the hurricane began to approach the islands, we were constantly reminded, prepare, get out, prepare, get out. Evacuation orders were given to just about the entire state of Florida and the coast of GA. We saw the devastation in the islands. It was eerily similar to Harvey. I’m sitting here watching the news, hearing people that have lived in Florida for 51 years say they have never left before, but this storm…..Irma, they were leaving. If that wasn’t a sign, I don’t know what is.

Columbus was warned we would have people from Florida evacuate to here. Personally, I thought that was a given considering our location. But they did the right thing by letting you know. Everyday for three days we were told hotels were pretty much booked solid. Still we are watching the news, watching the weather. We are still getting warnings. Hunker down, be prepared. STAY OFF THE STREETS. This is across the state. Those in Florida that didn’t leave were on their own after a certain point if something happened. So, what makes any of us different or better? What if it was just five times worse? All of these warnings, watches are put in place for YOUR safety. Our weather reporters were in the storm to bring you updates and YOU still didn’t head the warnings.

Now, I get that I may step on some toes with the next few things I’m about to say. However I feel it needs to be said. This past week has showed me a lot of things about a lot of people. I’ve seen some children who stepped up more than the adults. I’ve seen those that gave and gave to support those that needed it. They gave time, money, supplies, place to stay all because they wanted to help. There was a story of a gentleman who purchased the LAST generator in a store. A woman who has a disabled child broke down because she needed one for the child. The guy didn’t hesitate and GAVE it to her. No, not gave and make her pay for it. He gave her the one he already bought. Then you have those on the flip side that want to use the store to cater to their lazy needs and think someone should be ready to just give, give, and give.

Why do we wait until it is here, the natural disaster, to decide to take action? You should ALWAYS have a go bag ready. Especially during hurricane season or whatever natural disaster typically plagues you’re area. The only thing I had to add to my go bag was new batteries for my flashlight and a few snacks. Even if all you keep in it is undergarments, basic hygiene items and one basic change of clothes, you’re already head of the game. Earthquakes, you don’t get warnings. Tornadoes you really don’t get warnings either. Fires, sometimes, depends on how strong it is. Hurricanes? You almost always get a warning. So I’m just not understanding the concept of not being prepared. Is it that you’re just lazy? Or just don’t care? Do you think somebody is is obligated to care for you because you were not ready? I work in retail, I knew I needed a few food items. Do you think, after working all day I wanted to stand in line to pay for food? No, but I did it. Why? Because I’m a survivor. I did what had to be done. You are running around talking about you’re bored, there’s nothing to do, worrying about non essetional crap, but the day of the storm you’re out looking for food. What makes it worse is you want someone else to be in the weather to bring you pizza? Are you serious? I know you don’t care about the lives of others, just yourself. How can I say that? Simple, Your need wasn’t an emergency, just laziness. You weren’t going to work, had to get to the ER room, you just flat out ignored the Mayor simply because what? You don’t like her? So now, you’re risking an accident, and will EXPECT emergency crews to come to your rescue? Now you want someone to care about you? Same thing with Florida. You chose not to leave. You made that decision all on your own. Then get mad because responders are shut down until it’s safe for them.

We as people really need to do a better job at being ready, and being prepared. No this wasn’t an act of the government. The hurricanes is not a political statement. Hurricanes is a part of nature. Violent part of nature, but nature still. So, when we receive these warnings, we need to take heed and get prepared.

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