Girls Trip 2017 PCB

My friends and I went on our Girls Trip to Panama City Beach this past weekend. No we didn’t plan the trip based on the movie, our trip was planned early in the summer prior to the movie “Girls Trip” coming out. However, the movie added to the fun of our trip.

Our trip started on Friday morning and ended on Sunday evening. We had so much planned for that short period of time. We all wished it could have been longer. It was 7 of us that went on the trip. This trip gave me life. Now I think I’m ready to take on the last part of the year. For me, I was totally surprised I didn’t go to sleep on the drive down. Normally I’m out like a light within the first hour of the drive. Somehow I managed to stay awake and not have to be the one to take that first shot! The drive for us was about three and half hours. If you count the stop at Wal-mart, you can make it four!

We had a condo overlooking the beach. The condo was very affordable and sleeps 8 pretty comfortably. Of course there were a few things that wasn’t up to par with the condo, but that will be saved for the condo review itself. I loved the condo overlooking the beach and ocean front. Any one that knows me, know I hate heat. So yes, I was going to a beach town, but wasn’t actually planning on going to the beach. Now, had I thought about it, I prob should have made plans to go down as the sun was rising before it got hot just for the beach experience and some up close photos. I spent my time on the balcony catching up on some reading and going inside to cool off when it got too hot. The girls LOVED being down at the beach.

I loved going to Pier Park. Wasn’t sure how my knee was going to handle it. For the post part it did pretty good. Reviews for specific shops and restaurants will come later. I got totally giddy when I saw the German restaurant and walked by the Tervis shop. Found some awesome shops that I didn’t even know existed. Also while on the strip we ran into two different groups of ladies on “Girls Trips” too. It was really fun to meet them. One group we got pictures with. Of course we ran into an issue or two, but that didn’t stop us from having a great time and a great experience. We did the Dolphin Boat tour. It was okay. The dolphins didn’t want to cooperate with us. But it was still a pretty good ride.

I really enjoyed this Girls Trip. It was a much needed trip. To spend time with friends that have been there with you for years is amazing. Most of us have been friends for at least fifteen years now. Throughout those years we’ve had a few ups and downs, but the one thing that has always held true was our friendship and our love for each other. This trip just enhanced that. We may not see each other everyday, may not speak everyday, and in some cases may only see/speak maybe once a month. Still, when we get together, it’s like having a group of sisters you’ve never had. We are able to laugh about things that use to make us angry. To me, it’s pretty funny when we discuss what we use to think, how we use feel about each other. Now, we are a group of amazing friends. The things you learn about each other on a trip is too funny sometimes. I won’t disclose names because they are my friends. I love our different personalities. It’s what makes us click and stick together. We have a few mother type figures. It’s not consistent, but during certain specific situations. We have a few fashion divas. Ya’ll know that’s so not me. LOL We had one that have stuff EVERYWHERE. Now I really can’t talk, that’s me at home, but for some reason, not when I’m out. One of our friends was pretty calmer but just as fun. I know she was tickled with us. So of course we have our Dina! She didn’t think she was Dina, but everyone agrees she is Dina. I was told I was more like Sasha. Of course we have our Ryan and Lisa too. Most of us area nice mixture of the characters from the movie.

Overall, it was a fantastic trip. So glad I was able to go and spend time with them. It was so worth it. Yes, worth the time, the money, the drive, the knee/ankle pain. So so so worth it. When I think of my friends I think of how we are able to spend time together and time apart and still have an awesome bond. Most of the time we don’t mind sharing our friends, but we know who our crew is and where our love will always be. Thanks to my friends for an amazing trip.

Girls Trip 2018 and 2019 are already in the process of planning. I’m so excited already!!!!!!!

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