Business Review (20/20 Unlimited)

On Friday I went to finally get my eyes checked after 20 years!  Yep, 20 years!  So I finally stopped into 20/20 Unlimited.  I was welcomed with a smile.  I inquired if I needed an appointment and was told I didn’t.  Needless to say I was happy.  Without an appointment I was seen within 15 minutes.  While I was waiting I was watching how the assistant spoke with a child of about 7-8 years old.  She spoke to her on her level and was very patient with her.  I loved seeing that.  The associate that did the test was fast and friendly.  She understood it’s been a while and we had a great conversation.  The doctor that did the Rx was just as friendly.  He moved quick and thoroughly explained everything.  He didn’t pressure me into getting glasses.  He explained that it wouldn’t make much difference with the slight decrease in one of my eyes.  I loved that honesty.

Overall my visit was only about 30 minutes or less.  I had a great visit there and will be visiting there again.  Their customer service was top notch.  The price with insurance was totally worth it.  I am glad I stopped by there.  I give them 5 stars!

Great overall service!

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