Ways To Build On Your Strengths

In business and life we always talk about our strength and weaknesses.  We talk about building our weaknesses but how often do we talk about building out strengths even more.  So here today, we’ll talk about 10 strengths you may have and how to continue to build those. I’ll give you a way to build on the strength and then an example. Even if it may be a weakness, you can still build on it to make it a strength.  Ready?  Let’s go!!!

  • Seed it into a new area.
    • If you are good at motivating people in meetings, work to have the same effect in written communications.
  • Take it up a level.
    • If you have mastered your department’s budget, ask to be involved in the next level roll up of the budgeting process.
  • Use it on the outside.
    • If you get high marks on presentations, but your manger’s manger hasn’t observed one, seek this opportunity.
  • Don’t overdo it.
    • If you are great at building relationships with co-workers, broaden your network by attending industry conferences.
  • Teach or coach someone.
    • If time management is your forte, share what has worked for you with someone who struggles in this area.
  • Tie it to your objectives.
    • If you have challenging performance objectives, see how building on a strength can  help you accomplish them.
  • Donate it to a team.
    • If a group or task force is stuck on a problem, apply one of your strengths to help them over the impasse.
  • Blast to the past.
    • If you get a touch, new assignment, reflect on how you mastered similar challenges before.
  • Apply it to your development areas.
    • If you are a strong analyzer, but a little rough interpersonally, become a studier of people.

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