Week 2 of Gratitude

Week 2 of Gratitude

“Current Age”

My current age is 40.  I’m so glad to have made it to 40.  I know many people don’t make it to that age.  I’m aware  that many we may have lost to health, accidents, and other unforeseen accidents.  However there are many who have lost their lives to craziness and selfishness.  So for me to be here at the age of 40, I’m totally esctatic about that.

Some say life changes for you at or around 40.  That I can testify to.  We all go through ups and downs throughout life, it changes your point of view sometimes.  Okay, maybe not sometimes, but most of the time.  I look back at how I was in my 20’s and even in my 30’s.  I see where I have changed and where I haven’t changed.  I like to believe that my experiences made me who I am today.  I’ve learned a lot, gained a lot and lost some too.   It really is amazing at the differences I see.  Some may not see them, but I do.  I even believe my close friends and family see those changes too.

Even though I’ve only been 40 almost a month, I’m embracing it to the fullest extent possible.  While I’ve had some challenges over the years, I’m ever so grateful to have made here to 40.  I’m grateful for the things I’ve learned and the support I’ve had the entire 40 years.  It tickles me to this day how people say I’m spoiled and they think I should be offended.  I know I’m spoiled.  My sisters are too.  They may try to deny it, but I won’t.  However, I’m not nasty spoiled. I’m more sweet and apprective spoiled.  

To say I’ve accomplished a lot over the years would be putting it mildly. I find myself meeting more goals than ever and trying new things. Yes, I have my bucket list and I’m currently working on completing that list too. It’s not a very long list, just a very expensive list. (Donations are always welcome. I may even discount my travel book for you. šŸ˜˜) I realized a few things over the last few years. I can’t wait on our depend on others. If I want to do something, then I’ll just do it. If you join me then you join me. If not, no love lost. This is what 40 had tought me. That I’m thankful for. Don’t misinterpret my words either. I love my family and friends, I’d love for you to join me, but I’m not waiting on you. Why? If I learned nothing else from 2016, I learned that life is way too short to miss out on.   There’s a lot of things I want to do before I can’t do it.  So join me if you want,  if not,  read about it later.  This year will be popping.  Like my friend Denise says “I’m doing because I’m 40!”

What is your current age and what has it taught you? 

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