Relentless: oppressively constant; incessant
Pursuit:  the action of following or pursuing someone or something
Relentless Pursuit:  Someone who is relentless is determined to do something and refuses to give up
2017 is all about the Relentless Pursuit! 2016 was Unapologetic Takeover. Truthfully, both phrases will be riding with me into 2017!  I want to know who all is relentlessly pursuing their goals? I’m going to let the question sit there for a moment.
I know I am pursuing my goals relentlessly. Let’s talk about this for a moment. This year has been a roller coaster for me, still there is one thing that has stayed the same, my goals. The timeline may have adjusted, but not the vision. If anything the vision has gotten bigger.
How am I currently pursuing my goals? My biggest asset is my business coach. One thing I’ve learned this year, if I want something, I have to invest in not just the training to get there, but all the other stuff too. Having a coach has been great and definitely worth the investment. True, I may not be able to to do everything, but I do what I can and what fits my budget.  Everyone is different and has different needs, do what your situation allows. Having a coach has helped me stay focused and helped to build confidence I need. I’m still shy, but I can speak on my business a lot better now then I could in 2015.
Another thing that has helped tremendously is having a vision board. I actually have 3 for this year. Personal. For profit business. Non profit business. Three very distinct but important parts of my life that sometimes intertwine to make some magical things happen.
My focus and determination is stronger than it’s ever been.  I have my goals and plans not just on my vision board but also detail written plans and how to get there. That combined with a daily schedule has been a lifesaver. Why do all that? Because I’m in relentless pursuit of this unapologetic takeover!
One thing that I noticed about myself in 2015 was that I was trying to do things the way others that were successful were doing things. 2016 taught me differently.  I now do things my way. I’m unique in my own special way, I can’t do what others do because I’m not them.  Yes, I can follow certain basic things, but that’s about it.
A constant reminder I try to remember is that when you’re relentless and you start to succeed, everyone will not be happy for you. You loose so called friends along the way.  No, it doesn’t bother me like it did at first years ago.  Now I understand the difference between those here for a season and those here for life. As you get better at your craft, and you go hard for what want, those on the road with you to your takeover gets smaller.

You better believe you will hear me roar in 2017!!!!

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