Let’s Talk Life

Today I just want to talk about life and how it’s going. Everyday we all have many challenges. Some we conquer and sometimes they conquer us. I know that I’ve had my share of challenges in my 40 years. I’m pretty sure we can run down a general list of challenges that we all have at some point in time.  I like to believe that these challenges typically make us stronger once we get through them.  It may be hard while going through them, but the end result should make us better people.

Life isn’t just full of challenges.  Life is also fun and exciting.  There are so many things for us to enjoy.  Don’t you think so?  I want to talk about some of those things.  Yes, you may be in pain, or going through something right now and may not see it, but life itself is a joy.  One of the things that I really love is nature.  I just love to sit and watch nature and see how it was created for our pleasure and enjoyment.  Even the rain (as long as it isn’t a storm) is beautiful and part of the life cycle process.  It’s wonderful to sit and watch on any day.

 Let’s be transparent for a moment. I don’t claim to be happy 24/7, or even near perfect health. Still I am who I am. I embrace all of me, my size, my aches and pains, my strengths and my weaknesses. After all, it’s a part of me. It’s what makes me me. Yes, like everyone, I have plenty of room to grow and some things I want to change. Grow because I want to. Not because someone else said I should do this, this or that. 

So go ahead, ask me, what makes me happy? My belief and hope for the future play a strong part. Or better yet, the majority. I know and understand that a lot of people I can’t depend on. Yes I have a few outside of my mom and sister that are my ride or die. They are my roots and bark of the tree. 

A major reason I enjoy this life I was given is because I know who I am. My standards and morals are where they are because I put them there. I know what I like, want and need. I know my worth. Once in a while I hit a slump and wonder about things I don’t have. Then I realize that the things I don’t have right now are not meant to be. At least not at this moment. I may have to work a bit harder, sacrifice a bit more, and that’s okay with me. I see it so often, people lower their standards to fit others low standards because they are afraid or just not strong enough top follow through. 

As we begin this new year, I encourage you all to enjoy life. Work hard, yes, focus on your goals, yes, still have fun, yes! Join me in making 2017 unforgettable! Let’s have that #UnrelentlessPursuit while managing that #UnapologeticTakeover. It’s our life to live to the fullest. 

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