Difference Between Personal & Internet Life

“Difference Between Personal & Internet Life”

The difference between my personal life and internet life is pretty simple.

My personal life is just that personal.  I gave great family and friends.  Yes, I talk about them, yes I mention them.  No, I don’t tell their personal business, no mine.  Trust me, I’ve heard it before.  “You tell all your business on facebook.”  Let me put this plainly, 95% of my life is not on social media.  I don’t mind sharing some of personal life with the public, but it is by no means mean my entire life is on social media.  I do like for my clients, fans, and supporters to see me, to see that I am no different than you are.  I’m just using what I was given to share with the world.  I like to think that those in my personal life know me a whole better than those with just my internet life.

My internet life….Simple…It’s what I want you to see.  You don’t get to see everything.  I’m not a mega superstar (yet).  Before when I first got on the internet back in the AOL days, it was mainly for fun.  It was an avenue to meet new people.  Now, almost two decades later, it’s still a great avenue to meet new people.  However, it’s not personal, it’s more business.  Yes, I’ve met some great people who are now awesome friends.  What you see online, on the internet is mostly business.  I do share some personal things, but not as much as some, but more than others.  As I said before, I want you to be able to see me for who I am.  Yes, I share.  Yes, some is private.  Yes some things you’ll never know, you’ll never see.  That’s me.

What are the differences in your personal and internet life?  I’d love to hear.  Share your thoughts.

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