“My Squad”

Sunday I attended a Vision Board Party hosted by 2 very special ladies.  I’m so glad I went.  It feels like I missed so many networking opportunities and the chance to be feed from some amazing business people.  However that topic is a whole different conversation.  At the event one of the ladies said “My Squad”.  She proceeded to say “Squad!” and they responded in kind!  I absoutly loved it.

It got me to thinking about my squad.  Those that have been there sense day one.  Over the years my ‘squad’ or ‘team’ has changed as my focus changed.  Still, there are the few that remained the same no matter what.  We may not always agree on everything, but for the most part we know how to agree to disagree.  I think that’s so important in having an awesome team.

Something else I find to be very important, you have to give to receive sometimes.  No, I’m not always talking about giving money, or not getting paid for your services.  What I’m talking about is more along the lines of exchanging services.  Or as one of my mentors would say “barter”.  That’s what I love about my team.  We not only share our knoweldge but also our talents.  What do I mean?  Glad you asked!  Okay, I’m a photographer.  I may have a stylist on my team.  They may need photos for their portfolio and I need a personal shopper.  Why not exchange services or offer a discounted rate?  That’s what we do.  It not only helps each other out, but we both are one step closer to our goal.  AGAIN!  We don’t hustle for free.  Everything won’t be free and shouldn’t be expected to be free.

Did I mention that each member of my team has something special that they bring to the table?  No one is an idle watcher.  We are all busy and full plates.  We all are so unique, but have similar goals.  We push each other to do better (even when we don’t want it!) We encourage one another.  We help each other.  There was a qoute that was floating around facebook for a while.  It said “Real women don’t compete, they collaborate.”  For me that can be men and women.  Even if some of us have the same business, we don’t compete, we still help each other out.  Ya’ll know the saying “each one teach one”.

My squad, ya’ll know who you are, thank you to the moon and back for always being there.  Nope, I won’t list the names of my squad or team.  But, if you follow me, it’ll be easy to point who are my ride or die team members.

Who is your squad?  Who will be on your team in 2017 and beyond? How do they motivate and support you? How do you motivate and support them? 

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