Safety On The Roads

​Safety On The Roads

This past weekend here in Columbus, GA, there were 2 major car accidents that both caused fatalities

 and shut down the interstate for hours. Double digit hours!  Both in the wee hours of the morning. 
I know we all have places to go, people to see, and things to do. Still we need to slow down and be more cautious. Yes I said we, because sometimes, I’m just as guilty. There is nothing, no one or anything more important than your life. I’ve heard all the excuses there is. 
“I’m late for work.” So leave plan and strive to leave 5-10 minutes early. I know it can be tough, but practice. 
“So So is sick.” You can’t help them if you’re stuck in the hospital, or worse, mourge. 
“I need to get to the store.” Whatever you need, I’m sure will still be there in 5 minutes. 
“I’m late for my Dr appt.” You knew about this appointment when? So yes, you had enough time to prepare to leave a few minutes early.
Yes, I totally understand, time and unforseen occurrences befall us all. You getting to where you need to be is not more important than your life or the life you just took. Many times we get distracted, that’s human nature. However, while driving we should put our focus where it should be, on the road. Don’t think that because it’s no traffic on the road that it’s okay. No, you never know what’s around the bend, what/who can step out in front of you. Please be cautious. I don’t know all the details of the two accidents, but lives were lost. Lives changed forever.
What are some of your best practices?

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