Commitment  Where Is It? 

What is Commitment?  Why don’t people have it?  When did they just stop caring?  What are they afraid of?  When did it become the norm to not let your word be bond?
What is commitment?   It’s the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause or activity.  
Disclosure: I’m not a doctor,  specialist,  or psychiatrist.  
Now I believe for the most part I’m pretty committed to the different things  I do or plan to do.  No,  I’m not perfect,  I do have to back out sometimes.  When I plan to do something I keep my word.  If you don’t believe my word then what’s the point.  Yes I know everyone can’t be trusted.  I know many are very selfish and greedy.  I also know that many still do truly care. 
When you make plans to do something and don’t,  why should I bother with you again?  I believe it’s important to protect who you are and the  brand you’re trying to build. If I don’t want to do something then I’m not going to do it halfway.  However if I gave you my word,  then I’m going to give you 100%.

When I look around I see a lot this non commitment. I don’t have all the answers,  but I watch a lot! I’m a writer,  that’s what we do,  watch.  I see soon of the issues arise from being burned, from some forms of abuse or just life in general. What I don’t get is when did this become majority and when did it become okay?   Your thoughts?

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