Growing Up

Growing up……

Growing up for me was really interesting.  Like millions of other kids I grew up as a military kid.  Yep, I took it for granted.  Still it was awesome.  Traveling from place to place, meeting new people, making new friends.  It was great.  Of course, if I knew then what I know now, I probably would have savored a lot more of it.

In my travels I’ve been to some awesome places.  Seen some great things.  Had some life changing moments as well.  I went to so many schools.  One school year I actually went to 3 different schools, 2 state side (different states) and one in Germany.  High school was just as diverse.  Three schools in four years.  My sisters didn’t care for the moving as much, but me, I loved it  I always looked forward to that next move.

Not all of it was great times of course.  My dad being army was gone a lot.  He was also in Desert Storm.  So, some challenging moments of course.  But guess what?  The good outweighed the bad in my eyes.  Adults may have thought otherwise.

I finished my teenage years in a singular location.  Nope, didn’t hate it.  Actually the complete opposite.  Enjoyed it a lot.  Got the chance to really experience being in a place for more than three years.  That didn’t happen until I was about to exit high school and enter college.  I have to say thanks to my dad for that life and my mom for ensuring we stayed grounded. I must say I loved my growing up years.  Roller coasters and all.

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