Just One Of Them Days

Today is one of those days.  Not a bad day really.  Just  a very blah day.  Okay, right, those around me know I’ve had a few of those more recently.  It’s like I know I have a ton of things to do, but none of them seem all that important.  So, I move on to the stuff I just want to do and that doesn’t hold my interest for too long either.   Want to see my friends, but don’t really want to go anywhere.  I guess what I’m feeling is restlessness.  My friend, I’m sure she’s going to see I need to relax and let it all go.  She really does get me.  I think she knew that wasn’t really going to happen this weekend.  Too much to be done.

Yet, I sit here, watching TV, scrolling through FB and neither really interesting.  Then comes the moment when I ask, “Why am I even on FB?”  No, not why do I have accounts, but why am I just sitting here scrolling.  I have books to finish writing, books to finish reading, shows to prep for, plans to make, craft projects to finish.  Oh yea, blogs to post.

One of my friends called and said “oh you’re just bored.”  Of course, I have this amused look, like I’m anything but bored.  Bored….What is it to be bored?  Truthfully, I haven’t been bored in a LOOOONNNGGGGG time.  Even when I was on medical leave for four months, I wasn’t bored.  Yes, I slept a lot (due to meds), but even on days I never left the house, I was never bored.  Always busy and multitasking.  Rarely do you find me just sitting and ONLY watching TV, or ONLY blogging.  It’s always something and something.  (Unless I’m at the movie theater).

Don’t worry ya’ll, I’m not depressed.  Or at lease I don’t feel depressed, just having a blah day.   By morning, I’ll be back in my normal mode….okay, well afternoon.  So until next time…….Have a great day!!! 🙂

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