​I’ve always been a firm believer of supporting others. While I support others, I know everyone will not support me. Now recently a poet said “Don’t say support because it’s an equal blessing.” Blessing to buy a product, help each other. I totally get it. Yes I do. There’s times I buy products to support the artist and in turn they’ve encouraged, enlighten, or just made me smile. So, yes an exchange of blessings. Still, there’s a lot more to support than that! 
As I recall a number of recent events, I think about support. Support from those on your team, your family and friends. I have some friends that are there for me no matter what. Their support for me is undying. Of course my family. They may not always agree or understand, but they support me nonetheless. 
I have never been the type to require anything in return when I give something to someone or support them. I give and give freely, and now I’m feeling drained. Like I have nothing left to give. A friend of mine once said, “When you pour into others, sometimes you have to have someone else pour into you.” I love her for saying that, because it’s times like this that I remember it. 
Yes it’s time to refill! Time to be poured into. Don’t think I’m whining, or complaining. I want YOU to understand, that when you’re a giver, or as my friend says, pouring into others, you do need a recharge. How you do so is completely up to you and what works for you. We can’t help others if we’re depleted. That’s something that hit home quickly this week.  So I encourage you to take some time for Y-O-U and get your refill or recharge. Don’t wait until you’re burnt out. 

How do you know when it’s time for you to recharge? Please share!

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