​Alone I feel

Know I’m not physically alone

But no one hears me

Understands me

Sure the words are spoken

I got you

I understand

I’m here for you

I heard them all

Just don’t fully believe it

Quietly I sit alone

Shedding tears

Tears of pain

Tears of sorrow

Tears of anger

No body knows

Nobody sees them

They’re dry before the phone rings

Before punching the clock

Before the meetings start

After making another day

Another dollar

Another smile

I sit alone again

Wondering what’s going

What’s real

Screaming with no words

Shivering but not cold

Calling the one person that can help

Help solve this mystery

Help find a peace never discovered

Can’t move from this spot

Scared I’ll fall

Fall down the rabbit hole

Unable to climb out

Losing the battle between

Fantasy and reality

I’ll sit here for now

Wait for the pain to dissipate

For the sadness too slowly ebb away

For the anger to subside

Then I will

Yes I will rise again
Quiet Storm © September 2016

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