Physicians Think They Know It All

So, some recent events happened that sparked a bit of anger at the medical field.  Now I will not reveal the doctor name, nor who it happened to or all the information.

As a patient we attempt to trust our doctors.  After all they are the ones with the medical training.  Yes, I know some are just in for the money and we have to watch out for those.  This specific one, I think just falls in the line of neglect.

I’ve had some inpatient and outpatient surgeries in my almost 40 years.  I’ve been there when others have went through their surgeries.  I’ve picked up a lot of information over the years, especially since my late 20’s.  Even more so, when my dad got sick.  (I miss my daddy!)  I don’t profess to know it all or even attempt to measure up to the knowledge that doctors have.

When a patient goes into the hospital and has surgery we all, or most, know that you don’t leave the hospital until you’ve had a bowel movement.  You send an elderly patient home, AFTER you’ve commented on the extensive swelling in his stomach and you know he hasn’t had a bowel movement.  Now, the loved one has to take him BACK to the hospital and you tell them “Oh, I’m glad you came back because looking at this you probably wouldn’t have made it past the weekend.”  WTF?????  I have a problem with that.  You knew the risk, knew the situation, and you STILL sent him home?

Doctors and nurses and other medical professionals,  Please do me a favor, we put our trust in you, don’t abuse it.  Your neglect can cost someone else their life.  This situation is unacceptable.  I’m not a person that hollers about suing.  It’s not my thing.  I’ve had an infection after surgery that was no fault of the doctor.  Just fix so I can get moving.  However, this neglect or not caring, not acceptable.  If you no longer care, it’s time for you to find a new profession.  It’s that simple.  No ifs, ands or buts about it.  Lives are stake here.

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