Fashion Police

​So this weekend I attended an event. Nice event, models were awesome! However, some of the fashions the guest were wearing, not so fashionable. Now to know me is to know I’m anything but a fashionista. That’s why I keep a stylist on deck and good, honest friends. I’d like to think my friends wouldn’t let me go with them looking like some of the stuff I saw. 
Like I said, I’m no fashionista, so what I’m talking about here today should be basic knowledge. Key words “SHOULD BE”.  
I like to be cute just like the next person. One thing I refuse to do is complain left and right about the shoes I decided to wear. You knew you couldn’t stand long in your 6 inch stilettos, so why do it? 
Tube tops…One, not made for everyone. Nope not at all. Two, tube tops are made for those that can go braless or wear a strapless. Now I get it, sometimes you can get away with it if you’re wearing a sweater or something. To wear a tube top and wear visible bra is not cool, sexy or fashionable. When I say visible, we could see the color (tab), brand (hanes), and size. Oh, and the small label tag. I get it, you probably also wanted to show off your tattoo and tramp stamp. I blame your equally ratchet friend for not telling you to go change. 
Halter top, tank top, sleeves top, whatever you want to call them. Yes they can be very cute with the right outfit. That includes the right size shirt and bra. Again it’s not sexy or pretty to see the bra. It’s even less attractive when it’s too small. I guess it made you feel good to squeeze into the smaller size bra and shirt. We know it’s too small because your back is squished looking like a set of butt checks. Just ugh.  
The uncomfortable outfit. Again, I know we want to be cute and fashion forward. However too small and too tight to where you can barely walk is unattractive. If it’s too small don’t wear it. As a matter of fact, don’t buy it. 
Those were just a few of the many. The panty line issue was very rampant. We won’t dare touch the I’m going to a classy event looking like I’m making a run to McDonald’s look! Like I stated before, I’m no fashionista, but these are just basic no-nos. Ladiesv and gents, let’s get it together. To know better is to do better.


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