2016 Olympics in Rio

So the 2016 Olympics in Rio is here!!!  Were you as excited as I was about the games?  I was literally counting down the days until the opening ceremony.  Yes, I know some games actually started a few days prior, but I don’t watch any games until the opening ceremony.  Yes, I know, a bit special, but it’s my personal tradition.  LOL  I have never missed an opening or closing ceremony since the 1992 games once I moved back to the states.  I didn’t realize until this moment how long I’ve been watching.  When did you start watching the games?

A few of the things I’m always looking forward to for every Olympic game is the gymnastics, swimming, diving, track and field, beach and indoor volleyball.  Now event is complete without me watching those athletic events.  Over the years I’ve seen some of the events come and go.  One they added for 2012 is BMX.  I liked it, but wasn’t too impressed.  Now this year they added rugby which hasn’t been in the games in 92 years!!  Now, I’ve heard of rugby, never watched or understood it.  However, this year, I took the time to watch some games and learn some of the rules.  To say I’m fascinated is only word I can use to described my thoughts.  Now, I’m doing research to learn more about the sport and the teams and the players.  American Football, you have a new rival!!!  LOL  Not really, my love for football will never diminish.  Now if they bought American football to the Olympics….dang!!!!

On to the next sport.  Golf.  I understand golf is sport.  I appreciate the dedication it takes to learn golf and play it well, yet still Golf in the Olympics?  Doing my research I saw that it was in the Olympics 112 years ago.  So, I guess it’s a good thing it’s back for the fans and the athletes that do enjoy the game of golf.  I find I just don’t have the right patience for golf.  Maybe some put put, but that’s it.

How do you feel about golf and rugby being added back into the games?  What are your thoughts on the games so far?  We have one more week of games and I’m looking forward to it all!  I will be watching the closing ceremony as well as they transition into Japan!  Yes, if by some chance you haven’t heard, the 2020 Olympic games will be in Japan!  I’m looking forward to that so much.  One of the things on my bucket list is to go to an opening ceremony for the summer Olympics.  Japan is on my list!!!

I saw the bids for the 2024 games.  Los Angeles, CA; Paris, Rome and Budapest.  I’m eager to find out which city will win the bid.  I can see all 4 cities doing a fantastic job and would be willing to travel to any of them for the 2024 games if I don’t make the 2020 games.  However, my personal vote, even though it don’t count, would be Los Angeles.  What about you?  Where would you like to see the 2024 games?

I love the Olympics and camaraderie of the sports.  The excitement of the games radiates from each of the athletes whether they win or loose.  It just shines.  I love the excitement that shines forth from every athlete, announcer, coach and fans.  It doesn’t matter if they are from a big country like the USA with 555 athletes or smaller countries like Tuvalu with 1 athlete participating, the joy and love for their individual sport and the chance to represent their country is simply amazing.  There were a lot of first time thing for this ceremony that I wouldn’t have thought about if not bought to our attention by the announcers.  For instance this is the first time a hijab has been worn during the games. (Wouldn’t have even crossed my mind.) Or, it’s the first time Iran has last women participate in the games.  (They were required or they wouldn’t be able to participate in the games.)  While watching the events, I love to hear their stories.  No, I’m not an athlete, but I’m entrepreneur, and their stories are very inspiring.  I also love to hear the history of some of the sports and where they’ve been to where they are now.

What are some of the things you enjoy about the games?  What stands out to you?  Share your thoughts about the Olympic games in Rio!

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