Fall TV

Fall is a time for cooler weather (in most locations), football (for sports fans), and fall season premier tv shows! You maybe wondering why I’m choosing to discuss fall shows only. It’s simple, that’s when the best shows air! Yes, there are dune decent shows throughout the year on all stations, but fall is by far the best. 

Most of my shows air on CBS, but a few are on ABC & NBC as well. I typically only add one or two new ones,not much more. Here’s my list:

  • NCIS (Eager to see where they go with the exit of Denizo)
  • NCIS Los Angeles
  • NCIS New Orleans
  • Criminal Minds (Eager to see how they develop it without Derek.)
  • Criminal Minds Beyond Borders
  • Grey’s Anatomy (Losing interest in the show.)
  • Lucifer
  • Blindspot
  • Quantico

New shows that I’m looking forward to checking out include:

  • Bull
  • MacGyver

As I stated before, you see I’m not really adding new shows. The reason I love hulu during fall is I can see the shows the next day (except CBS) the next day. These shows and football is my lineup for fall. 

What shows are you looking forward to the most?

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