Use your imagination

Pretend it never happened

Like you never touched me

Put your hands on me

Told me you loved me

Then put fist to eye

Lied to me

Telling me it’s all love


Let’s pretend

That yesterday didn’t happen

Like my eye isn’t black and swollen

Like my rib isn’t broken

Sure no problem

We can pretend

I didn’t cry myself to sleep

Like I’m not afraid of you


I can use my imagination

Act like you are my love

That things haven’t changed

Pretend my feeling for you

Are still all the same


No problem at all

Let’s go ahead and pretend

Pretend like nothing has changed

Everything is all good

Sure no problem




You made the decision

To lay your hands on me

To cause me harm

To put your fist to my eye

Then say you love me

I’m done pretending

I’m finished pretending

I will not ignore this

Will not pretend

Will not fake it

Act like it didn’t happen

Will not pretend


Quiet Storm (C) Aug. 2014

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