“Love Affair”

I tried not to love you

Knew we could never be

Knew it would never be just you and me

We’ll always be unfinished business

Still I fell for you

I feel you deep inside my heart

All in my body

As if you’re part of my DNA

Tried to deny it

Knowing this isn’t the 3 strand cord I was looking for

Still every time I see you

I get giddy all over

Yet I know this love affair

This unfinished business

Won’t last

It isn’t meant to be

Not supposed to last

As much as I want you

Crave to be next to you

You’re not on the market

Not available to make you mine

You belong to someone else

This love affair

Beautiful as it is

This love affair is illicit 

This love affair is forbidden

Quiet Storm (C) July 2016

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