When We Were Younger

I was sitting here thinking back, reminiscing on the past.  It’s amazing how the view changes as we get older.  I like to put it in four categories.  Childhood, teens, young adult, and adult.  Each category shares it’s on thoughts and views.

When we were younger we always made comments to the effect of “I can’t wait until I grow up.”  Little did we really know what growing up meant or what would actually be expected of us as we grew up.  Of course once we actually hit adulthood, the situation changed.

Now here we are as full fledged adults (most of us anyway).  Now what are we saying?  “I wish I could go back.”  “Only if I was younger.”  My favorite: “Can I take a nap?” LOL  It takes you back to a time when have you saying “Do I have to?”

Being an adult requires more than doing what you want to do, coming and going as you please and hanging out with the friends of our choosing.  It now requires us to handle the responsibilities that goes with being an adult.

What does it mean to be an adult?  Responsibility, YES!  Now we can choose our friends, out and have a good time, but now we have responsibilities that go with that.   Most of us have jobs we must do in order survive and be able to do the things we not only need to do, but want to do.  We have bills that must be paid.  Some are a necessity, others not so much.    As kids we thought money came easy and was always ready to spend our parents lil’ change.  Now we try to hold on to it.  We didn’t want to take a nap either.  We wanted to see everything and be everywhere.  Now, if we could, a nap would be in our plans EVERYDAY.  Well, okay, that might just be me!  LOL

There’s no doubt that sometimes we want things we can’t have or we just think the other side has better.  Most of the time we don’t really know all the facts at the time.  As children we watched older ones come and go and do what they wanted, we wanted to do the same thing.

Talk to me.  What are some of the things you use to say as a kid or teen that is the total opposite now?  Share your thoughts in the comments!!!

2 thoughts on “When We Were Younger

  1. I used to say,” I can’t wait to drive!” Of course that was right before I got my license at age 16. 23 years later I am now saying how much I loathe driving!!

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