Migraine Awareness Interview

Migraines affect many people.  When someone is having a migraine, many times, those that don’t suffer with it don’t know how to act or treat the person.  Thank you for participating in the interview.


Migraine Awareness Interview

Thank you for participating in this short E-Interview. It’s greatly appreciated.

1. May we use your name or do you wish to remain anonymous? Yes, Parise Bailey

2. Do you or a family member experience migraines? Yes!!

3. How long have you been experiencing migraines? For over 25 years now

4. How severe does it get for you on a scale of 1-10? Several have seemed to go over 10

5. What works best for you when you experience a migraine? Catching it early and being quiet and reducing light and noise

6. How best do you prevent them from coming, if it’s possible? Decrease stressors and stay from too much cheese and caffeine

7. Is there anything additional you’d like to share with everyone? Keep a log of each time you have a migraine. Check over it and notice the pattern. If they are coming too frequently, go see a doctor and asked to be referred to a neurologist. You may have developed another condition such as TIA (transischemic attack), mini stroke which is what I have.

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