Butterfly Dolphin

Who is “Butterfly Dolphin”?  Butterfly Dolphin is a non-profit organization that is geared towards bringing awareness to the community as well as teaching and training to help create a better community.

What do we bring awareness to and how do we do it?  Each month we choose one monthly awareness topic based on ribbon colors and the monthly awareness concerns.  For example, this month (June) has a number of awareness.  Men’s health, Migraine, Alzheimer’s, PTSD, National Hunger, etc are some of the awareness for the month.  We choose one and we research and post information on the awareness.  How do we decide?  It’s random and/or a little talked about topic.  We want everyone to know one thing.  No one is more important than the other.  We can only choose one topic each month.

We also share information and bring awareness through events such as fashion shows, formal parties, bake-offs and other events.  Even though the events are fun, we hope that you take away something from each event.

In addition we hold business seminars to help create a better community.  We understand that there are many business topics that need to be discussed.  We take pride in training and teaching.  Our goal is to bring the community together and raise the standards in business.

This is “Butterfly Dolphins” in a nutshell.  We look forward to working and networking with you.

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