Lupus Interview with Selana

In my efforts to understand my Awareness topic of the month I’ve been doing research on lupus. In addition to regular research I decided to do some e-interviews.  The first one is Salena Bennett. She’s a very beautiful and talented young lady with an awesome spirit.

Thank you Salena!

1. Do you want me to release your name or remain anonymous?
Yes, you can release my name.

2. Do you have lupus? If not, does someone close to you have lupus?
Yes, I have lupus

3. When did you first find out you had lupus?
It last year around the second week of December

4. If you were old enough to remember what was your reaction?
I was doing my hair in the bathroom then all of a sudden it’s as if I couldn’t breathe. It felt like I was having a heart attack if that’s what’s having a heart attack feels like. I went to the hospital three times within December with the same symptoms. They keep saying it was an anxiety attack. The fourth time I went to the emergency room they actually did blood work and the doctor told me to go to my primary care doctor and get tested for lupus. I did and I was positive for lupus.

5. What’s the best way you deal with it on a daily basis?
Faithfully taking my medicine and exercising to balance the weight gain.

6. How would you describe lupus to others who know nothing about it?
Its my bad and good germs fighting in my body. So if you have a cold stay away or it could possibly kill me lol.

7. What’s one thing you would like everyone to know?
Just because we don’t look like we are sick doesn’t mean you can belittle our pain.


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