The Next Moves

As I sit here and plan my next events, I begin to think of all I went through to do the last few events.  I begin to wonder if this is truly ment for me to do. Should I or should I not?  

I like having fun while bringing awareness to the community.  At the same time, I don’t have time for the drama and mess. My events are about the cause not the individual. Some understand and recognize that factor and I’m forever grateful for that.

I’m wondering if I’m making a difference. Are people really paying attention, or are they just in it for the fame? There’s not a single doubt that some are doing what they’re doing so they can be seen. Then you have some who truly believe in the cause.

I hope you don’t misunderstand what I’m trying to say here. I love educating, at the same time I enjoy helping others reach their goals. I want everyone to reach their goals, however, showboating had its time and place.

When I discussed this dilemma with a few people they all said the same thing. “You better not stop.” So here we sit preparing for multiple events. Re-evaluating the how, the why and the when. A few bad apples can not stop the show!!!


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