What is Punctuality?


the quality or state of being punctual

strict observance in keeping engagements; promptness.
Okay, so what is being punctual?
  1. happening or doing something at the agreed or proper time; on time.
    “he’s the sort of man who’s always punctual”
      denoting or relating to an action that takes place at a particular point in time.

Punctuality is a topic that should be discussed weather you’re in business or not.  Punctuality is tied to dependability.  For me, it bothers me when I’m late to anything.  Late for me is being on time. On time is being 15 minutes to 30 minutes early.

One of the biggest things that business owners and those in HR that deal with when it comes to hiring is those that are tardy.  No one wants to work with some one who is late.  No one wants to deal with someone who is not dependable.

Business owners like working with you if you are time.  There’s nothing worse than being on time and the person/people you are working with is always late.  I always tell people I work with, mentor is that your brand follows you.  YOU are YOUR brand.  You being on time or being late is your brand.  If you are not dependable, why do you think someone would want to work with you on any level.  Business owners or HR managers of a business to run, and customers to take care of.  You being tardy, late affects how their business runs and their customers.

What do I mean?

Let’s use myself as the subject matter.  I’m a photographer.  You’re scheduled for an hour photo shoot at 2 pm-3 pm.  Another client is scheduled at 3:15 pm.  You don’t show up until 2:30 pm.  One of 2 things will happen now.  The hour shoot you expected is now 30 minutes (for the same price because I’ve been waiting) with a late fee attached.  Or it runs into the next clients time (which I don’t allow) with a late fee attached.

Now, let’s use a retail establishment or call center business.  You’re scheduled to be there at 2 p.m.  You’re 30 minutes late.  What do you think is happening now?  Either the person before you has to stay and you are no interfering with their personal time or the customers are not getting served properly.

Now do you see the issue?  You being late, not punctual is always affecting someone else.  It is ALWAYS representing your brand.

My recommendation?  Plan to be 30 minutes early and you’ll be at least 15 minutes on early, or rather on time.  Even if you get caught in a traffic jam, by a train, you will more and likely be on time.

Leave a comment on how YOU plan to improve your punctuality……..



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