Some recent events confirmed the need for me to complete creating my business seminars. Let me explain.

A company was doing mass hiring. However, vast majority were automatically disqualified due to dress, bringing children, or just plain ‘ol not following simple directions.

When you are looking for a job, putting in applications, or going for interviews there are specific things that need to be considered. After all, you are your brand. What does your brand tell employers?

If you have young children, consider who can care for them while you’re gone to your interview. It’s unprofessional for any job to take anyone with you period, regardless of age.  So what if your friend or parent have to take you? Have them wait in the car. You’re there for a job, not to hang out with friends or have a family reunion. This is your brand you’re representing.

Dress and grooming. I find it highly disappointing when a teenager dresses more professional than an adult for a job interview.  While yes, different jobs have different requirements.  For example, you can wear business casual to fast food, most retail businesses, construction businesses, ect. However, you have office jobs, executive type jobs, where business professional is the only way to go.  Under no circumstances is jeans, t-shirts, sweat pants, tennis shoes, house shoes, clothes with holes, or dirty clothes acceptable. If you are unsure, business professional is almost always safe. Again, this is your brand. Your dress and grooming represents your brand.

Follow simple directions. I do know and understand that sometimes nervousness or excitement may be a factor. However, it’s essential that when the hiring manager or interviewer give you specific instructions, you follow them.  What’s worse than showing that you can’t follow directions to get a job done? When they are telling you do something, listen, pay attention. If necessary, write it down, repeat it back to them or ask confirming questions.  Again, your brand is at stake here.

These are just three of the areas, but some of the most important. Everyone needs to make a living. Everyone isn’t cut out to be entrepreneurs. I get all that. Still, when applying for a job, you are your brand. What you do represents who you are. 

Be on the lookout for seminars coming your way soon!!!

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