The Truth Unfolds

I’ve heard the saying many times. This past week or so, I have come to completely understood what it means when someone says “You’ll know who your true friends are in your time of need” and “You’ll see their colors in a crisis.”

My father passed on Monday, Jan. 4, 2016.  I made two calls to friends after some immediate family calls. When I tell you they were there in a jiffy, they were there just that quick, no questions asked. It was asked what I needed, all I needed was hug and they were there. Even though I knew I wouldn’t sleep, my mind would replay what I saw, they bought that immediate calming I needed. For that Marc and Denise, I will love you forever for that.

While I never put it out in plain terms,  there were others I privately messaged like my girls, Simone, Veronica, Angela, Anita, Etta and my BFF Brandy. Still there were many that read between the lines. Many that carved out time to bring comfort to not just me, but my family.

The overwhelming support from family, friends, co workers have been amazing. Even in the midst of my few “attitude” moments, y’all were still there.  All this has made me stronger and helped the peace overtake me.

During all of this, I saw where my supporters are, saw their helping hand, their warm arms of strength. While others, I expected to be there, were not there. I refuse to name them. They know who they are.

Then you have those that were there for other reasons. What reasons? To show OTHERS that they were there, because they expected something out of it. Yes, I just put it out there. Yes, I know which category you all fall in. LOL

I want to close by saying this. If you’re going to be a REAL friend, then do that. Otherwise, drop it, and have a seat with general population because the elite team was not made for you.

Thank you to everyone that stood by my side, near and far. My appreciation for you is immeasurable.

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