Raw Emotions

Raw emotions
Feelings I can’t express
Can’t voice
Can’t find the words for
Have my mind discombobulated
Brain not functioning
Left or right
Don’t know which way to go
A brand new level of pain
One in which I have yet to conceive
To understand
To properly formulate thoughts and words
I may look like I’m okay to some
But really
I’m confused
I know the truth about death
I understand it
Even know it’s a processes
A part of debt that imperfection requires
Trying to use my grief for a pathway
For something positive
Turn this negative
Into a positive
To see the light
Instead of the darkness
Because this is who I am
Who he raised me to be
And this is who I will always strive to be
Not just today
Right now
But everyday
Yes it caused a detour in world
However detours still get you to your destination
Yes I’ll remember that moment
The one moment that altered my universe forever
But I’ll also remember the many other moments
The ones that made my world
What it is today
Tears will flow
Cries will be heard
Anger will be felt
A sad happiness will be present
Still I will rise
I’m a woman
A strong woman
And I’ll rise
Because I rock

Quiet Storm © January 2016


One thought on “Raw Emotions

  1. Yes, you’re very strong. I admire your strength and courage. Deep down I know how lost and confused you feel. It doesn’t get better, but it gets easier. With time, you can smile and laugh through the tears. I am once again so very sorry this happened. No one should have to lose their dad but at one point or the other, we all do.


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