“Weird Traits”

“4 Weird Traits I Have”

1.   I can’t just sit and watch TV and do nothing else.  I have to be doing something else like reading, writing, editinrg.  I have to be multitasking for some reason.  Not really sure why or when I started doing that.

2.  I can’t eat salty snacks without following it up with a sweet snack.  Popcorn and candy.  Chips and ice cream.  You get the drift.  LOL

3. I have to have a holder with pens in every room. I hate having to look for one.

4. I love sticky notes! Not just the yellow ones either. I like to have all colors and sizes. However, I don’t use them often, but still want them.

#30DayWritingChallenge #Day25

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