“A Fruit I Dislike”

What’s a fruit I dislike?  One of many is strawberries.  Why?  I think it’s just the texture of them that gets to me.  I eat and drink strawberry flavored items all the time.  I love strawberry slushies, shakes, ice cream, even milk.  LOL  Still you won’t get me to actually sit down and eat a strawberry.  I have tried.  I’ve tried regular strawberries, chocolate covered (milk and white) strawberries, yogurt covered strawberries and yet you’ll always see the same results.  It’s not the only food that I do like that.  tomato is one veggie that I just can’t eat unless it’s pettily diced.  LOL Someone said I’m a texture eater.  Oh well, that’s not going to change anytime soon.

#30DayWiritngChallenge #Day10

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