10 Interesting Facts About Myself

10 Interesting Facts About Myself

  1. I love football….Dallas Cowboys and Georgia Bulldogs are my teams.  Atlanta Falcons run second because they are home!
  2. I love to paint wood projects.  Some of the things I do a lot are picture frames, letters/names, key holders. I’ve been known to do other painting projects as well like pumpkins, footballs, tables.
  3. I still love stickers.  LOL I actually find myself using them on my paint projects.
  4. I only really watch TV in the fall.  The rest of the year it’s more movies and Netflix.
  5. I’m painstakingly shy when it comes to public speaking.
  6. I’ve been a social media addict since the AOL days!!  (Might be time for a break. LOL)
  7. I’m a professional student.  Or at least that my mom tells me.
  8. I think I took the wrong course in college.  Should have taken Marketing instead of Accounting.  (Still might take it.)
  9. I’m striving to be a serial entrepreneur.
  10. I want to write a novel, but I’m not good at it!

I hope that works!  Was it interesting?  At least a lil’ bit?  I hope so!  Until next time……………..


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