It’s been a while…….

It’s been a while since I’ve been blogging.  Life has a way of having you take unexpected turns.  Some good, and of course, some not so good.  Still, I’m here.  I’m back to get my blogging back underway.  Those that were following me, I hope you will continue to follow me.  To the new ones, I hope you will follow me too!

As I prepare for the many things I having coming up for 2016, I want to start by doing a 30 day blog challenge for November.  Yes, November, as in tomorrow, the first!  I’m excited for the challenge.  I’m looking forward to it.

So many things have happened since I’ve last blogged with you all.  I will share some of the happenings.  Some of may remember that I wanted to do a number of “First” and make 2015 a Year of first.  Well, I’ve been a busy bee.  For Breast cancer awareness month I held a number of events leading up to our big event.  I held my first Bake-Off!  That was utterly fabulous!  If you like sweets, you would have loved it.  They were all delicious!!!  I followed that up with a Jamberry Nail wrap party!  Then we ended the month with our All Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Fashion Show!!!  I was no nervous!   However it turned out really well!!!  So, 2016, a lot more is in store!!  Be on the look out for updates!!!!!

Thanks for hanging out and sticking around!!!  See you soon!

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