“Five Problems With Social Media”

“Five Problems With Social Media”

This very topic was discussed at a youth summit two weeks that was held by Tadow Entertainment.  It was a hot topic and I enjoyed listening to the responses of the youth.  Some of the issues I see will be the same from the summit.

My first problem with social media is the fact that it has caused people to not be able to communicate face to face.  I notice how the people who talk a lot on social media because they are pretty much not seen are the ones that can’t even hold a conversation.  Don’t get me wrong, some talk too much even in person.  At the summit it was bought out how people talk using internet and text shorthand.  They actually say “LOL” when talking to someone.  At first I thought it was funny, but then I sat there and thought about it.  They really do that!  Many people simply can’t talk without their social media.  It’s really sad.  I’m quiet naturally, but I do enjoy a good conversion with people.  When I go out with friends, I try not to use my social media.  I may post a quick tag, but other than that, my attention is on the conversation.  That’s one of the things I love about our book club.  We get to meet in person and have great adult conversations without social media.

My second problem with social media is the bullying.  I never really realized how much bullying is truly affected by social media.  It also creates a lack of trust all the way around.  People tend to forget that bullying isn’t just taking your lunch money anymore.  It’s a lot more and a lot of it is done through social media.  The sad thing, is it’s not just the children/teens, but the adults too.  That’s one of the reasons suicide rates are going up.   So sad.

My third issue with social media is the MEDIA aspect of it.  I love how we can promote, sell, network and even find old friends.  However, it has created a world where people don’t think for themselves.  A world where ‘likes’ is more important that “I love you” or self-respect.  I promise not to get too deep, because this isn’t that type of article right now.  However, we allow the media to dictate what we do, what we see.  We say we want more, we want better, but we allow all the negative flood our timelines.  We share fighting videos, we promote ignorance at a high-speed of rate.  Which plays back into my second issue.  I tell people all the time, it won’t be done if you don’t promote it.  I personally don’t and will not share certain things.  I unfriend those that believe watching that girl, that mother get beat up is okay.

Which brings me to my fourth issue.  Social media allows people to think domestic violence is okay.  The same ones hollering about the wrongness of someone on TV is the same one that sharing or even videotaping someone getting beat up.  Domestic violence is real.  It’s not a play thing, not something to brag about and share!  Those in domestic violence situations find that social media does one of two things in their life.  It allows them to hide it from their family and friends because they don’t have to physically see each other.  Which refers back to our lack of real communication.  Or it broadcast the pain and hurt because you decided it was cool and recorded it and posted it on social media.

My fifth issue is the fact that it helps our youth not be educated.  Once again, don’t misunderstand what I’m saying.  There is nothing wrong with being able to find information that you need.  Still, what happened to the days when somethings you just knew it because i was taught and you actually learned it.  The ‘google’ era has ruined us.  I know there are some who work hard at learning and continue to progress and thrive.  Those, I applaud you.  Still when you encounter situations where some one ask you “what is Maui?”  Not where, or what island is it, but WHAT, we have a problem.  When your status, blog, or whatever you’re posting lack basic grammar lessons, we have a problem.  Okay, that might just be a pet peeve.  LOL  You get the point.  Just because we have google, don’t let that be your crutch.

These are just five of the issues I see with social media.  I could go on and on.  I know some would cause heated discussions, but that’s not the point I want to make.  I want you to know and understand that there is nothing wrong with social media when it is used in its proper capacity, but when it’s abused, we get what we see today.  I like to think that we each can make a difference if we tried.  I still believe that in order to see change, you have to be the change you want to see.  My question to you today, are you going to be that change?

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