“Breathless 3” (book review)


by Shani Greene-Dowdell

I absolutely love this book!  Okay, I loved all three of them.  Shani developed the final book in the series very well.  I really enjoyed reading what happened with Jacob, Destiny, Clara and John.  Even though, no matter what happens, I probably won’t care for Justine or Tammy, but I’d like to see how their lives turned out, as well as Tasha.  I’m going to need Tasha to find the one!  The story was well written and has some VERY spicy scenes in it as well.  They’ll have you on fire too!  One thing that I enjoyed was how Montie grew since having that discussion in book two.  It’s only right for him to keep his pride in check, but he actually did it with some class in book three.  Thanks for that.  Overall all, a great read.  A fast read that will have you going from the first page.

Great job Shani!  Thanks for sharing your talent!!!!!


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