Children & Parents…The Disrespect

Today I was told some information that really broke my heart.  So I started thinking.  Then I started to remember some things I’ve seen where children just outright disrespected their parents.  This just made me more sad.

It’s really sad to hear how people are treating their parents these days. And they do it for selfish reasons. Nobody is perfect, you only have one set of parents (unless you have step parents of course), don’t do things you’ll regret later, or worse when they’re gone. Many people don’t have parents for various reasons. Some have straight up wicked parents, but majority (I like to believe) love and care for their children, grand children and on down the line. When your children see how you disrespect your parents, they will think it’s okay or the norm, then they’ll be treating you the same way and you’ll be wondering what happened.

I was at work one day and saw a young mother, maybe mid 20s, with a little boy, about 5 or so, as they were shopping. The boy wanted some candy, you know how that goes right? Momma said no and it went back and forth a few times. The boy, yes the 5 year old, said “I hate you b***h”. Me being who I am stood back to watch. I just knew he was about to get the spanking of a life time. My mouth hit the floor when the mother picked up the candy and bought it for him. What is that teaching? Here’s the sad thing, I’m seeing it more and more.

Why do parents allow their children to start that disrespect at such a young age? Then we see it as they get older it gets worse. Don’t get me wrong, I understand growing up, teens will always have some disagreements. Still just outright disrespect, no.

What makes me ill is the grown child that doees that same crap. Your parents have raised you. In some cases, half raised your kids, and you ignore them because you can’t get your way. You all of sudden think you are better than them. You believe you have the right. Think it’s okay to treat them the way you do. I’m here to tell you, it’s not okay.

After I heard everything today, I felt compelled to call a family member. I’m so glad I did because it seems they needed it.

I wholeheartedly believe that when we listen to our parents or help our parents we will be looked upon favorably. We have to do better, it starts with us. Each and every one of us.

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