Holiday Cooking

The holidays mean a out of different things to different people. However the one thing that is consistent is the cooking. No not necessarily the food itself, but the act of cooking.

No matter your beliefs and opinions when it comes to spending time with family cooking is almost always involved. Now some might be like me, not a huge cooker. I can cook but don’t like to cook. I rather someone else take the lead in cooking the meals and I add a side dish or two or even dessert. I love baking, so I’ll hook up a dessert or a special punch or something. Then you have others that are big time cookers. They throw down the whole meal. You know the ones from the appetizer to the dessert and sometimes the mixed drink too.
Now what a family have for these special moments can have a huge range depending on a number is factors. Some of these factors include: beliefs, where the live, family traditions, personal likes and dislikes, can financially afford (to name a few).

For me, holiday time and cooking really is a time for me to relax and have fun with my family. With the busy lives we all lead, this time is so precious. So, if means I need to cook something, then I will.

There is no right or wrong way to do holiday cooking. Sure some may want the traditional dinner for thanksgiving that includes the turkey, ham, dressing, pies and football on the side. LOL. Others may break away from that tradition and have a barbecue instead. Still others may prefer not to cook at all and go out to eat. Whatever you do, however you do it, enjoy the family time you have while completing your holiday cooking.

When it comes to your holiday cooking, what are some of your traditions?

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