My Team

I’m loving the fact that I’m building my team. I’m also loving the drive and motivation of my team.

One of my team members is Clarissa Gilmore. She’s co-owner of The Mag Boutique. She is also a stylist, personal shopper and hair stylist. She’s always on point with the fashion and hair.


What ever the season or the new technique I’m working on, this young lady is always ready for the camera. She’s my lil ball of energy.


This lady here, Melony, her marketing ideas and suggestions be on point. No matter if we are just bouncing ideas off of her, or if she have suggestions, she’s a marketing dream.


I’m always on the go. This lady, Kellush, is my second calendar and motivator. Little does she know, she’ll be hired as my assistant to help be keep track of every thing. She also keeps up with community events. She’s my own personal positivity muse!


This is my team. So far anyway. We are looking to continue to build our team and our brands. We are looking for people that are ready to build their brand, their portfolio.

What do we need? This list is not all exclusive.

Make-up Artist
Male and Female models (Columbus & Atlanta, GA)
Graphic Designer
Hair Stylist

If you are looking to build your portfolio, to grow your brand, and work with a group of people with similar goals then by all means email me at “” with your information.

We look forward to working with you.

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