Promoting Nonsense Over Positivity

As I scroll through my various news feeds and I’m bewildered by some of the things I see. It just goes to show that it’s more and likely time to trim my friend list even more.

This is what I don’t get, you complain about a picture or a video, about how tacky it is, and yet you share it. Why? Okay, maybe I know that answer, you want your friends to see the craziness. Am I right? I’m probably pretty close. This is the way I see it, you are making them famous for the nonsense. You are encouraging then to do it again because they’ll continue to get shares and passed around the globe.

We quickly hit share on someone twerking in church, fighting on the subway, harassing someone or just plain crude. When the positive things in life come around we don’t share. For instance those students that graduate college at 16, the unique and beautiful engagement proposal, the group that spent the holiday feeding the hungry. Why? Is society that caught up in the negative things in life and not the positive?

I know I have my moments were I’m down and out, maybe feel like ranting, but that negative vibe is now something that needs to be present daily for me. I enjoy my positive, drama free life. Is it really that hard to be drama free?

I like to promote those positive images, videos, statuses, pages, and business. I just don’t get what you gain by promoting nonsense. But, hey, that’s just me and my rambling thoughts tonight.

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