“TEACH THE CLASS” (erotica)

Yea we’ve had many sequels
During our time in history
We didn’t just stop at 2
Would’ve disappointed the fans
Changed the course of history
We kept it going
You couldn’t resist the pussy
I couldn’t resist the dick
Dick +pussy = sex
Add sex to dick and pussy you get orgasms
So you wanna be the teacher
Well teacher
Tell me what history shows
Teach me what history has proved
What can I learn from our history course
We’ve made the sequels
We’ve entertained the class
Now teach me the lesson
Remind me how history
is the gateway to our future
How you enjoyed my lips on yours
Your lips on my tits
My lips in your dick
What does history say about that
Your dick in my pussy
We know the mathematical answer
But what does history show us
Does it show us coming together
In a heat of passion
And enjoying the feel of one another
As we reach the point of no return
Is this what history proves
Us together sharing an orgasmic moment together
Shall we test the theory

Mashawn Mickels© 2014

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