Prided myself in being better
Doing better
Telling everyone I’m better
Self assured and confident
Just knew I was strong
Nothing could turn me away
What’s that
I just knew I controlled temptation
Watching others falter
Then fall
Being their shoulder to lean on
To cry on
I just knew I was better
Until that day
Day went from bad to worse
One drink from drunk
Knew I should have been at home
But was enjoying this moment
Still thought I was in control
A lil flirting never hurt anyone
So I reasoned in my head
Flirting lead to more
A sexual experience I couldn’t stop
Allowed the night to unfold
As I came off my alcoholic high
My orgasmic high began to dissipate
That’s when I fully realized
What happened tonight
How wrong I was
How I cocky I had been
Now I’m sitting here
In tears
Needing that shoulder to lean on
That shoulder to cry on
I see now
I see clearly
I’m not immune to it
To temptation
I didn’t control it
It controlled me
Temptation had me

Mashawn Mickels © Nov. 2014

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