Do Apps Help You Or Just Waste Your Time?


Apps…..Those of us that use smart phones (yes there are many who don’t) typically use apps regularly. I know I use a number of different apps on a daily base.  I use apps for both business and pleasure.  First I’ll discuss how some apps really do help me and how some waste my time.  Then I’ll share some of my apps I use regularly that help me.  Sounds good?  Cool.

As I said before apps help me and waste my time both.  There many apps that really do waste my time.  Take for instance the games!!!  You know the ones like Candy Crush, Panda Pop, Cookie Jam.  Yep those addictive games.  I’ve gotten so much better at not spending time on those games.  Normally if I do play them, it’s when I’m waiting somewhere like while getting my car serviced, at the doctor office, in line at the tag office.  I think you get the point there.  I did find myself spending time playing games when I could have been productive.  Doing things like writing my next book, editing a project, editing photos, doing research for a project.  Those games are the biggest waste of my time.  The other thing that can be a waste of time if I’m not careful is the music and wallpaper apps.  I love to change my wallpaper on my phone, so I could easily spend time looking for wallpapers that reflect my current mood or frame of mind.

Now apps that help me….There are many there.  I’ve found a number of apps that speed up the process.  At times those same apps help me stay productive even when I’m waiting at the car shop or doctors office.  The more technology grows the more apps that are created that help me in my day to day activity.  I can post, update, change statuses, photos and more while on the go.  This blog can be done on the go without my laptop.  I love the convenience of a number of the apps out there.  Now could I live without some of them?  Yea, sure I can.  Do I want to?  No not really.  I can do so much more and save time and money with the apps that are being created.  I can reach so many people in my personal and business worlds with apps.

So for me, apps can waste my time, so I limit those apps that are on my devices that will waste my time and ensure I have those apps that help me.

As promised, here are some of the apps I use daily.  Most you may already be familiar with.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • WordPress
  • Weatherbug
  • Geek Squad
  • Photogrid
  • Contract Maker
  • Paypal
  • Blood Pressure Tracker
  • Various Restaurants (I.E. Chili’s; Chiipotle, Pizza Hut)
  • Banking (I.E. Wells Fargo, Bank Of America)
  • NFL Mobile (only on Verizon)
  • Yahoo Sport
  • Car insurance (I.E. Geico, Progressive)
  • Smug Mug
  • Quotes
  • Calender
  • Color Note

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