Fitness…What Comes To Mind?


One powerful word.  To some it a word they dread hearing.  Others it brings excitement.  And others yet, it still brings determination.  One word, many feelings and emotions.  How does the word “fitness” make you feel when you hear it?

For me, It brings on a mixture of all of those emotions.  Yes, I’m a big woman.  No doubt about it.  However I love working out doing cardio.  But for some reason, the consistent dedication just isn’t there.  Shhhhh….Don’t tell my sis!  LOL When I work out I feel really great.  It boost my energy level and my mood too.  That was one of the first things I noticed, was the mood booster, especially when doing Zumba.

Okay, lets get a touch real here.  Zumba is totally awesome.  I have 2 very hard pitfalls.  When I work out, I work out.  Do my zumba.  Head to the gym, get some strengthening in.  You know the works.  However, I’ve gotten better with what I eat, but my biggest pitfall is chips and fries.  If I get hurt, which will likely happen because I’m clumsy, it’s so hard to get back started.  When I think about it, I guess it’s 3 pitfalls.  I do better and stay consistent when I have a workout partner.  All of this I know isn’t an excuse.  Like I said, it’s my few pitfalls  when it comes to working out.

I’ve tried a number of experiences and/or workout programs.  My all time favorite and resulted in the most progress is Zumba.  I’m looking forward to some of the new programs such as RIPPED, Hip Hop Dance.  I think these type of workouts work for me because it isn’t the same ol same ol thing over and over again.  One thing about me is that I hate monotony.

Okay, so I’m back in town with some of my all time favorite instructors, awesome friends, it’s time to get back into fitness. I will start with Zumba and walking of course.  Work my way up to RIPPED.  LOL

Now it’s your turn,  when you hear fitness, what are your thoughts?  How you workout out?  What is your favorite programs?

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