Places I’ve Enjoyed Visiting

I love to travel when time and money allows me to do so.  I can not say I’ve been everywhere I want to go, but I can say I’ve been to some very interesting places.

Germany was one of the most interesting places.  Granted I was a teen when I was there.  Still I remember a lot about it.  I really think I took advantage as teen while I was there.  I would love to go back as an adult now.  Even as a teen my parents ensured me and my sisters took full advantage of all the opportunities possible.  One of the biggest highlights of my stay there was being able to go to Berlin when the wall came down.  Til this day, I still have friends from that I keep in touch with.  That was such a joy to see.  While in Germany we went to a number of places and saw a lot of things.  I couldn’t even begin to list them all here.  But when my move is complete and I unpack my pictures I’ll be sure to share some with you.

Germany also gave way to me visiting Holland while in middle school.  We were able to see the Van Gough museum (art was the main reason for going), the Anne Frank House, and an Open Air Museum.  All of these were very awesome places to visit.  I would love to go there as an adult with my current photography training.  I would enjoy photographing that trip again.

Another place I love to visit is Utah.  My best friend lives out there and I always have a great time.  It’s so pretty out there, the mountains and all.  Her and her family always takes me to the best places.  High in the mountains, low in the mountains, the shopping.  The best tour guides are the ones that live there.

Those are just a few of the places that I have enjoyed.  Like I said, I love to travel and will gladly share some of those pics with you as soon as I get settled.

What are some of your favorite places you’ve visited?

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