“Dream to Reality” (erotica)


As I slept
I dreamed about you
Dreamed about sexing you
About having you next to me
Feeling your dick press against me
Before I let you enter
The wet confines of my pussy
Dreamed about how hard you were
As you continued to tease my body
Making my nipples so hard
I couldn’t stay still
Grinding all over you
Wanting to feel you inside of me
Still you’re controlling the flow
Making me wait
Until you’re ready
Until that moment when you’re ready
Finally without any warning
You thrust that big dick inside
My body sighs as if to say finally
Then I awake
Hate I woke up from that dream
Woke up wet
Clit hard
Nipples hard
Wanting you to come over
Come stir the pot
Finish what you started in the dream
My body already belongs to you
It’s calling for you now
Wanting you
Begging you to come on over
Make my dream a reality today

M.M. © Feb 2014

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