Job Hunting & Integrity

I know times can be rough. Looking for a job can be discouraging and stressful. However there’s one thing to consider. Your integrity. If that ever comes into question, what do you have at that point?

I was an assistant manager for seven years at a major retail store. When it came to hiring, I always viewed the entire picture. On social media there was a statement made that you should lie to the operator about why you’re calling. They were told to say “it’s personal”. Small lie, but still a lie. Yes, my personal has gotten those calls, I’ve gotten those calls. You know what happens next? You’re immediately discarded. Why? If you’ll lie about that, you’ll lie about other things. At that point I no longer trust you. If I don’t trust you, why have you on my team?

So why even put yourself into a situation where your integrity is bought into question? I’m by no means perfect, however, I like for my yes to mean yes and my no to mean no.

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