Fun Games & Apps

When we talk about apps we typically always discuss those that beneficial and help us with our day to day life. We rarely talk about the fun ones that we use to waste time.

We all have apps (if you have a smart phone) that may not always be productive for us, but a lot of time they are fun time wasters.

Here are a few of my apps:

  • Cooking Diary
  • Paint by Number
  • Wish (I don’t buy much at the moment, but always adding to my list)
  • YouTube…this can be productive is used correctly, but one can get caught up waiting time too.
  • Social Media… While FB, IG, Twitter and other platforms can be useful, if you’re not careful you’ll waste a ton of time.
  • VUDU
  • Netflix
  • Disney+
  • Kindle (the reader in me)

What are some apps you use that are time wasters?

Business Review (Jack Houghston Memorial Hospital)

Business Review

Jack Houghston Memorial Hospital

Phenix City, AL

This iwrs my third time using this hospital for three surgeries. This was one of my best visits. I was there for a total knee replacement. This was my first time having an afternoon appointment. The atmosphere was much friendlier. Even though hospitals can be stressful and no-one is perfect, I was pleasantly surprised by 90% of the staff. They were even friendly to my family.

Things that disappointed or irritated me last year didn’t happen at all this year. That I was very grateful for.

I think my biggest two issues were I had to remind the day nurse I needed a pain pill and how long it took her to come and discharge me. Took her almost three hours to get back to my room and she was still missing stuff.

Overall my day and half experience was pretty good. Even the food was decent!!


Gifting Jewelry

Now is the time to get ready for the holidays. Maybe you’re planning to go to a few parties. Or maybe you are gift shopping. Paparazzi $5 accessories make great gifts and stocking stuffers. I want to show you a few of the pieces. This month as a special thank you, if you order 7 pieces ($35) you’ll receive a special gift! How awesome is that?!?!?

Before I show you some of the pieces I want you to have my website and email address. If you are on FB you can find me there as well. If you’d like to host a FB Party we can schedule that to help you earn free accessories!!! When ordering from the site, paparazzi will ship directly to your front door!








Surgery Journey PT 2

Here we are. The day before the surgery. Normally I go I into surgery pretty calm. This time, for some reason I’m a bit nervous. I’m ready, just nervous.

Last year I had almost a month to prepare physically and mentally. This time, two weeks! Yes, I knew it when I selected it from the options given. Still, I was a bit surprised it got here this quick.

If you are preparing for surgery always keep in mind the cost and/or deductible if they pertain to you. Know what your insurance will pay. My doctor normally wants full payment upfront. Crazy I know. However, he does try to work with you. For me doing the surgery now has a few benefits. Of course the major one is to get rid of the pain. A huge second one is that my deductible has been meet. So instead of paying over $30,000 I’m paying. $2,000. Big difference. That in itself is a relief off my shoulders.

As I prepare for this second surgery I think of the benefits since I’ve had one knee replaced already. It’s those thoughts that keep me calm. For instance, I know what to expect pain wise after surgery. People can tell you all day long, but unless you experience it, you won’t really know. I also know know how to prepare for my recovery a better.

I also am grateful for having my family therefor their support. knowing I have them their to help me is one ofthe major things that truly keep me calm as we approach my surgery. There is nothing more valuable than that!

I think that’s about it for this round. I’ll be back later after surgery in a few days.

Were you nervous coming up to your surgery? How did you handle it?


Distractions. What is a distraction? It’s a thing that prevents someone from giving full attention to something else.

We all things that distract us from what we should be or need to be doing. There are a wide range of distractions out there for us to choose from. First let’s talk about why we get distracted.

For me personally I can easily get distracted most of the time. It takes a lot of work to stay focused. With myself, normally my mind is racing at 200 MPH! I literally be multitasking to the highest degree. That in itself is a distraction. If I feel overwhelmed I will get distracted even easier.

The reasons why people get distracted are numerous. Here are a few:

  • Family/Kids
  • Various entertainment
  • Illnesses
  • The difficulty of task
  • Stress
  • Noises

Majority of the time we can handle these distractions. One of the most important ways is to put yourself in a distraction free zone. It can be hard if you have kids to care for, especially younger kids.

You will need to set goals to accomplish each day, month, and year. Don’t make your daily goals or to do list extremely long. Keep it to three to five main objectives for the day. It will keep you from being overwhelmed and anxious because you didn’t complete everything.

Give yourself time limits to complete each task. For example, I give myself 2 hours to schedule content on my platform for a month. For me that’s reasonable because I’ve already decided what I want to post all I have to do is schedule them. That’s normally three post a day across all my platforms in two hours. That leaves me no time to get distracted.

Those are just a few ways to help you handle distractions. How do you handle your distractions???

Is There A TV Episode That Impacted Your Life?

So recently I question was raised, “Is there a TV episode that has impacted my life?” When I first read the question, I like, it’s TV, why would a TV show really effect my life? I have a number of favorite shows that I watch regularly. Now I can finally say there was a show that did it for me. “Grey’s Anatomy” season 6 episodes 23-24. The episodes dealt with a shooting at the hospital where 11 of their co-workers were killed. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen enough crime shows to see people get killed. Yes, I also know most TV shows are also based on research. Still, it had it’s own impact on me.

While watching it, it bought me to tears. I couldn’t believe the extreme they were going in the show. Yet, I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the TV while tears were streaming down my face. Watching the episode, I was reflecting on my own life. No, I wasn’t involved in a situation like that, however, I’ve had my share of changes. I’ve made decisions that I’m not too happy about. Some I even regret, others, I really wish I had made.

Those episodes really reminded me how short life can be. We don’t know what will happen. I’ve learned to cherish every moment.

Is there a TV episode that has impacted your life?

RSVP Etiquette Refresher

Do you know what the RSVP etiquette is? Do you RSVP properly? Over the last few years I’ve noticed some things that were a bit disturbing. You make plans to do something, then you either don’t show up and/or you don’t let the other person know. Or worse, you show up and didn’t tell them you would make it.

Do you know why people send invites and request you to RSVP? Or to reserve your spot? It’s actually quite simple. It’s the head count for whatever event they are holding. When you say “Yes I’ll be there.” you are counted for many things. Could be for food, workbooks, giveaways, or just seating.

I’m a very firm believer of letting your yes mean yes, not your yes mean no. You don’t understand how that reflects on your brand and your business if you were a business owner. Your brand is not just for business, but for your personal life too. You are your brand. When you make plans to do something with and/or for someone, you should follow through. Can you imagine being invited to a closed and private event one of our former presidents held? Or the owner of a huge Fortune 500 company? A great moment right? Of course it is! Guess what!? You didn’t RSVP stating you were coming. Because of that you were not on the list and could not attend. Heartbreaking! Maybe you took a friend with you thinking it would be okay, now you have to make a choice, go in without your friend or not attend at all.

There’s nothing worse then doing business or planning events around people that think it’s okay RSVP and not show or to not RSVP and show up. Yes, I understand completely that there are unforeseen occurrences that may befall us. Those are understandable. However, let’s take a moment and discuss something that you have no control over verses those that you do have control over.

Something you may not have control over is a health issue, your job, in some cases the weather. Things that YOU control would be double booking events, not using your calender or want to do something else.

When you give your word, do everything in your power to keep your word. If you RSVP yes and can’t go, let them know. If you don’t RSVP or RSVP no, than realize you can make it, let your host know. If you are bringing a guest inform your host to make sure it’s okay. It’s that simple.

What are your best practices with RSVP? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Winter Must Haves

Winter and colder weather is approaching. For some it has been there for a little while. Some love winter some hate it. Me personally, I love it! What are some must haves make the season bearable?

Here’s my list:

  • Hot chocolate with marshmallows
  • Gloves
  • Furry house shoes
  • Heated blanket
  • Heated seats in my car
  • Chapstick
  • Remote starter to warm up my car
  • Netflix so I can binge on those really cold days

What’s on your must have list for winter?

Movie Review (Hobbs & Shaw)


Movie Review

I finally had the chance to see this movie. This part of the “Fast and Furious” franchise. I was totally excited when I heard this movie was in the making. I just hate I didn’t see it in the theater like I had planned.

This movie is action packed from the very beginning. It started off pretty fast. For the most part it stayed action packed throughout.

One of the things I enjoyed was the humor with them arguing back and forth like an old married couple. I enjoyed the Kevin Hart insert too.

There wasn’t much I didn’t like about the movie. The main thing I didn’t care for was Ryan Reynolds character, Locke, from the CIA. It wasn’t bad just a bit much with the excessive talking. I personally would have liked to see his role a little more serious. However, he played it well.

I really loved how they portrayed the importance of family. Sometimes we take that for granted, but the movie highlighted that well without making it a primary focus.

Throughout the movie there were some amazing driving to bring back the “Fast and Furious” series. My favorite had to be the end with the trucks linking up. I did love the motorcycle Brinks was riding.

Overall, I thought this movie was well written and portrayed. Great job!


Have you seen the movie? I’d love to hear your thoughts!