Crisis On Infinite Earths Part 3 Review

Crisis On Infinite Earths

Part 3

The Flash


This review will contain spoilers! Stop now if you haven’t watched it!!!

Wow!!! That’s the only way to describe hour three of this crisis! This episode blew me away!! I don’t even know where to begin!

This episode started off like the others, you seeing worlds being destroyed with some cameos on those earths. One the major surprise cameos was Lucifer. I didn’t expect to see him, nor do I recall seeing him on any of the flyers that were floating around. Kudos for that surprise.

In a way I wish Oliver had went back, but I’m glad he didn’t, that would have made the episode too easy and predictable. Now his purpose is another story all together that we’ll have to wait and see. I really like how Diggle and Mia accepted that even though it was heartbreaking.

The death of Flash from Earth 90, the return of Vibe and the introduction of Black Lighting were all key components. The ultimate tear jerker came watching the waverider disappear. I liked seeing them still stand together acknowledging that the others will still defeat the anti monitor. I appreciated how they threw in Superman’s acknowledgement nod to Iris before they disappeared.

The biggest surprise to me had to be Lex Luther changing destiny at the last moment to replace Brandon’s Superman. Can we say double wow for that well played twist!?!?

One big question for me was answered here. We saw the flyers with Vibe, and wanted to know how that was possible. We got that answer with this episode. It was from the Monitor.

Overall this was the best of the three hours so far, even though they were all good. I enjoyed all the plot twist and the cameos in here. Now the only downside is that we have to wait until Jan 14th to catch the last two installments!!!!

Overall Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Crisis On Infinite Earths PT 2 Review

Crisis On Infinite Earths PT 2



Again this review will contain some spoilers from part 2 of crisis!!

Part 2 took place during the Batwoman episode. While I’m still on the fence about the series itself, I enjoyed seeing her interact with the other heroes. It really bought her into the Arrowverse this time.

I enjoyed the development of this episode. While it didn’t answer a number questions, it also created many more questions.

I am glad she’s is the bat of the future and not Bruce Wayne. I liked seeing Brandon in blue. However I’m still partial to Earth 38 Superman. Still it good seeing him play the two roles.

Overall it was another good episode filled with our superheroes. The only thing I think could have been better is if we started to see some big questions answered.

Overall Rating: ⭐ ⭐⭐⭐

Crisis On Infinite Earths PT 1 Review

Crisis On Infinite Earths PT 1



So, we’ve waited a year for this to be upon us! Guess what?!?!? It’s here!!! This review will contain some spoilers, so if you haven’t seen it, you may want to stop! ✋🚫

I am glad this crossover is finally here. I enjoyed the first hour! Lots of anticipation and excitement. As you know, “Supergirl” was our first our. This episode pretty much answered the question of why. Argo City and Earth 38 were destroyed.

There was plenty of superhero action going on. I liked that we got to see what they were doing at the time the cross m crisis was beginning. I also love the fact they didn’t leave Lois and Mia out, or left them where they were.

It was superhero overload. Not in a bad way. It bought in some excitement. I just hope it doesn’t drown out the key players.

Now I do feel that they created more questions rather than provide answers. I am hoping some of those answers will be provided in the upcoming 4 episodes. I did hate Oliver had to die this early, but I understand. Hopefully there is a work around or something. Who knows. Overall, good and decent start.

Overall Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

New Connections

Making new connections in business is always important. If you want to grow your business you must be open and willing to make new connections. Without them you will become stagnant. Here are a few connections in grateful for. Some are newer than others, but without them I wouldn’t be here.

  • My Paparazzi uplines. Their knowledge and support has been invaluable. (Crystal, Claudette, Lisa) I love this business. When I may be feeling a bit down I see something on one of their pages and I say to myself “Girl get it together and get busy!”
  • My coach Tandee. I remember when I first meet her at my networking event. I didn’t think we would be friends, but here we are, two introvert business owners. There’s never a moment I’m not thankful for her pushing me and pushing me some more. With her in able to celebrate the small accomplishments as well as the big ones too.
  • Zetamber and her family. When I was starting my photography business they were there. Now, she still supports my ventures!

Those are just three of my many new or newish connections that I’m grateful for. What new connections have you made that you are thankful for?

What Makes Me Smile

It always feels good when we find things that makes us smile genuinely. When we do it makes us feel so good. Or at least for me it does. There are a few things that make me smile.

  • My niece and nephew. Just seeing them can put me at ease. A text or a phone call will have the same effect. No matter what’s going on, they elicit a smile from me.
  • Babies. I love babies. I don’t plan on having any myself. Seeing other babies, especially when they are smiling, cooing or trying to talk brings a smile to my face!
  • Good spoken word. I already love poetry by itself, but to hear a good spoken word artist is like a breath of fresh air.
  • A good smelling man. No explanation needed.
  • A good hugger. Sometimes when things may not be going right, or just not feeling it, a good hug can change things around.
  • Those are five things that make me smile that I’m grateful for. What makes you that you are grateful for?

    My New Item

    Receiving new items is always special. I’m thankful for all of them. However, the one thing I’m most grateful for is my new knee. Yes, a new knee.

    No I’m not completely healed yet, but I’m threaded in the right direction. There’s some pain now, but I remind myself that I could be at work wondering how I will make it through the day, or how many more pain pills will I have to take. Knowing I’ll be better when I go back to work is definitely something to be grateful for.

    This new knee, the total knee replacement, is the new item I’m most grateful for today.

    What new item are you most grateful for?


    There’s nothing like having a great friend that always in your corner. Recently I realized I had a few fake friends in my circle that I had to distance myself from. I’m forever grateful for those loyal few.

    Today though is all about my best friend Brandy. This lady has always be a constant since we meet. One thing I love about her is her heart. She’s always loving. I sent her a message some months ago because I was thinking about visiting. I was all in my feelings that day, the words she spoke bought me to tears. I don’t think she realized just how much those 2-3 sentences really meant. For that one moment I’ll be forever grateful for. Sure reminded me of the foundation of our friendship just that quick.

    As people get older, life changes, peoples likes and dislikes changes too. You won’t always agree on some things. Getting older you understand that it’s okay to agree to disagree. There are things we don’t agree on, but that has never defined our friendship. As a matter of fact, in some ways it has made it stronger.

    Brandy is a friend that I hold dear to my heart. She’s like a sister to me, so much so that her family is mine and mine is hers. I’ll always be eternally grateful for her friendship!!!!

    Who is the one friend that you are especially grateful for?

    A Few Accomplishments

    I’ve the years I’ve accomplished a lot of things. It’s hard to pinpoint what I’m most grateful for. So I’ll talk about a few accomplishments I’m grateful for.

    Being an assistant manger for seven years. I feel like I did a lot in those seven years. Yes, there were some bad days and moments, but the good out way the bad. I learned a lot during those years that I’ve been able to take with me. I’m grateful for that learning experience.

    I’m grateful for my entrepreneurship. It’s great to own my own business. While it’s not full-time and I still work my day job, this has been an awesome road. There are so many people that poured into me to help me find my niche. I couldn’t even begin to name them for fear of forgetting someone! I hope I’ve been able to pour into other the same way!

    I’ve published eight poetry books!!! I started writing poetry what I started college with the help and guidance of a friend. I developed and grew (still growing) my craft. Then a final push from an author that visited our book club I published my first book in 2007. The books cover a range of topics. There’s something for almost everyone.

    Those are just three of my accomplishments I’m very grateful for. Each have taught me some valuable lessons along the way.

    What accomplishment are you most grateful for?

    Foods I’m Grateful For

    Food!!! Most of love food to some extent. What makes food amazing is the variety that we have to choose from. Many times we can make the same dish in different ways based on your preference and location around the globe.

    The food that I’m most grateful for is pizza, spaghetti and lasagna. Why those?

    Pizza, how can one go wrong there? Pizza is easy and quick to fix or buy. Pizza has its own personality depending on where you get it from. Nothing like a good hot pizza.

    Spaghetti and lasagna you can also make many different ways. I almost always do something different when I make spaghetti. What I also love about those dishes is that they taste even better the next day. I don’t really do leftovers, but I can eat on those a few days.

    I’m a very simple eater most days. Because of that, those are the foods I’m most grateful for. What food(s) are you grateful for?